Do you know the animals of Africa? – Then come on into the savannah, to the water hole and into the rain forest, and see what is frolicking there!

Find the animals with the help of their silhouettes, and be surprised by their different sounds!

Find the lion

wobb! Africa

Flamingo, lion and giraffe, hippo, elephant and monkey, crocodile and pangolin, and also the okapi has its territory here. Vultures, gnu and marabu and even the zebras, warthog and ostrich — but that wouldn’t be enough! You have to find five animals then shake the iPad – and then nothing is where it was before. wobb! Africa is completely rebuilt, and the Safari search goes on! Different each time, we promise!

Find the Lion!


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Illustrated with lots of love.

wobb! Africa was lovingly illustrated by hand with thousands of strokes, coloured and realized into the scene. All animals and scenes were specially developed and illustrated for the app.

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